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BMW X4 In India Expected: Early 2014
Rs. 45 lakh to Rs. 55 lakh
Quick Details of the   BMW X4 To CarKhojo, India's most popular auto portal.

Bavarian Motor Works, known as BMW, is one of the top brands that deal with the manufacturing of premium cars and motorcycles. This auto company, founded in 1916, has wooed customers and car enthusiasts when it comes to premium luxury vehicles. Amid cut-throat competition, it has done really well to lure buyers with state-of-the-art innovations. It must be noted that its natural tendency to bring up new car models with striking features and stylish layouts has been highly appreciated by critics and car enthusiasts, alike.

The upcoming BMW X4 is yet another sensation that the auto company is planning to reveal pretty soon. However, Indian customers and car enthusiasts must have to wait as there is still ambiguity on the exact launch date of this vehicle in the country. BMW seems to nurture high regards when it says 'Captivates Everyone'. This all new-vehicle may be launched in the market, including India's, in early 2014. Earlier, the auto company had showcased Concept X4 at the Shanghai Motor Show. It has been quite sometime now that the BMW group had shown its intentions to bring up something unique to amaze customers and car enthusiasts globally. Earlier, in the beginning of 2012, the auto maker announced to make a significant investment of around $900 millions in 2012 for its upcoming X4. As evident, this investment was to make its manufacturing facility in Spartanburg, South Carolina, fully equipped to take the uphill task of producing the upcoming X4 crossover.

At present, BMW is producing other X series models like X3, X5 and X6 at its manufacturing facility. Incidentally, around the same time, there were general notions that as X6 shares some aspects with X5 and X4 too will share its goods with X3. Also, there were predictions that the new upcoming X4 vehicle could go for sale by the end of 2013 or early 2014. So, as it turns on now, most probably, this new vehicle will be launched in early 2014. As said earlier, BMW unveiled X4 at the Shanghai motor show as a concept vehicle with sharp and alluring lines to make up for an impressive cut. Interestingly, the design of Concept X4 was heavily influenced by the company's X6 model. Even though this all-new X4 takes some cues from X6, it still manages to house a distinct front facade, large wheels and high waistline.

The official website of BWM realises its Concept X4 vehicle as “What could the future of the BMW X model family look like? Inspiring – if the design of the BMW Concept X4 is anything to go by. This new Sports Activity Coupe concept study offers a fascinating combination of BMW X robustness and BMW Coupe sportiness. Muscular, broad-shouldered and oozing with dynamics, the design of this concept vehicle conveys one very clear message: the streets are mine for the taking.” According to the information available from various sources, the all-new BMW X4 is expected to be launched at the Detroit Motor Show in January 2014.

The X4 vehicle makes an attempt to combine looks of a traditional coupe boosted with visual ruggedness. The head of BMW design, Karim Habib had reportedly indicated that all the upcoming X models of BMW will reflect a similar look. Interestingly, the designing department saw a bit of shuffling during mid-2013. The changes done were made public and took effect as of 1st August 2013. The press release stated about several changes made in the hierarchy of BMW Group Design team. The BMW Design Team, led by Karim Habib, saw few changes during the reshuffling process. Domagoj Dukec took over as head of Exterior Design. Oliver Heilmer was made the head of Interior Design while Martina Starke the head of Colour and Material Design. Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design, had reportedly said, “As head of BMW Group Design I'm very proud of the wealth of talent in my team. I am convinced that through this restructuring we have given a significant boost to design in the individual brand studios and will continue to shape the future of BMW Group Design with success.”

If proceedings in the auto sector are to be followed closely, one will immediately notice that other premium car companies are also keen to undertake such developments and earn their profit shares by selling crossovers, SUVs and coupes in the market. Customers and car enthusiasts too have a penchant for such vehicles, which contributes much to subsequent developments and also adds fuels to the competition among car makers. The BMW group too realises the need of the hour as it plans to come up with an assertive reply in the form of X4. Here, the idea is to cope up with the mounting pressure of performance on such fronts. As a result, in order to consolidate its position in the market, the auto company is now focussing on its Concept X4 vehicle.

Notably, the best thing that goes to the advantage of the auto maker is its early initiatives. Many experts are of the opinion that these early initiatives would give BMW more control over the market demand and then the position could be fortified further. It will also help the auto company to drive the sales of X4 in the global market. BMW would be desperate to establish its all-new vehicle so as to maintain a lead in early initiatives as other premium car makers like Audi and Mercedes-Benz would also try to beat things up into the desired shapes.

This all-new vehicle comes with an inspiring design. It boasts of exquisite exteriors and lavishly displayed interiors to befit in its role of new Sports Activity Coupe. Customers are less likely not to be swayed by its shimmering appearance. A peculiar stance inherited much by the front façade will surely prove to be substantial for on-lookers to resist focusing elsewhere. Side profiles too look neat and have their own authenticity to charm on-lookers. The rear portion of this vehicle seems to be leisurely designed to make for a complete whole package for customers. A peculiar kidney shaped grille is simply too hot to handle. In tandem with its appealing look, the vehicle is more likely to offer superior comfort and performance. The state-of-the-art power mill with high power output and fuel efficiency can definitely be expected from this upcoming vehicle.

Ian Robertson, Head of Sales and Marketing for BMW, gave clarity on the development of this new vehicle and also mentioned that it would not impact the sales of other BMW X series car modes that exist in the market. He also clarified the company's standing on sales of X series model and said, “We have sold 2.7 million ‘X’ products so far and the SAV segment is still developing, there’s definitely still more growth to come.” He also gave insight into the production of X models, “Our Spartanburg plant in Carolina where the X models are built initially produced 120,000 vehicles a year, we invested huge sums and last year it produced 300,000 vehicles. We have another round of investment coming soon which will raise that to 350,000.” Thus, it is pretty clear that BMW has no plans to put a leash on its X series. On the contrary, the auto company plans to see another round of investment to further increase the production of X Series models in a fit to gain more market share.

The all-new Concept X4 will share its platform with the currently available X3 car model with either rear-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive. Industry experts are of a view that BMW would be hoping to see a good response for its upcoming Concept X4 vehicle in the global market and emerging luxury market in India. Once launched in the global automobile market, this all-new vehicle will be closely pursued by Audi Q5, Porsche Macan and Range Rover Evoque. Notably, Audi Q5 has got a good response in the market and will pose a stiff challenge to the upcoming BMW X4. This vehicle boasts of more advanced new features and a powerful engine that makes it among the best selling cars on a worldwide scale. According to the sales report published by Audi, the Q5 luxury crossover has posted a growth of 39.4 per cent in October 2013 with 3,380 units as against 2,424 units October 2012. The year-to-date sales of Audi Q5 also increased by 43.3 per cent. BMW must be aware of these sale numbers and thus, would like the X4 model to excel in the market and be placed at top of its peers.

Engine & Specification of BMW X4

According to the information available from different sources, this all-new upcoming vehicle is expected to deliver a superior performance while driving on busy city roads and highways. Higher power and torque outputs will ensure superb driveability. The driving experience would also be enhanced by the excellent pick-up and acceleration aspects of this upcoming vehicle.

The upcoming BMW Concept X4 is expected to be available in two engine power outputs. The 28i trim is likely to get its power from a 2.0-litre four-cylinder powertrain with a power output of up to 240 bhp. On the other hand, the 35i trim of X4 is likely to get a 3.0-litre in-line mill that can produce a maximum power of up to 300 bhp. Both, engines are likely to be turbocharged to deliver enhanced performance while driving. Also, both the versions are likely to come with an eight-speed automatic transmission mode. There are predictions that besides two trims namely 28i and 35i, the auto company may launch yet another version, X4 M driven by a powerful six-cylinder mill with a power output in excess of 400 bhp. But as the case is, this are all rumours and only time will tell what BMW actually offers to its customers. As for the Indian automobile market, no concrete information is available.

Exterior, Interior and Safety features of BMW X4

BMW is known for offering high-end vehicles with impressive exteriors and interiors along with ample safety features for enhanced users' experience. Thus, one can always expect that this new upcoming vehicle will also flaunt excellent exteriors, interiors and safety features. Also, as the showcased X4 model suggests, there are marked sharp body contours to spice up exteriors. Talking specifically about exteriors, the new X4 vehicles boasts of a distinct front façade flaunting the trademark swagger of unique kidney beans shaped grille. Just above the mid-rib of the front grille, BMW logo is neatly grooved in the bonnet. Stylish headlight cluster is connected to the front grille to further accentuate the appeal.

Broad tyres of X4 justify its defining and peculiar stance. Furthermore, this new vehicle has a slopping roof line that adds spark to its exteriors while large alloy wheels are standard across different trims. The side profile boasts of sharp lines while the rear looks a bit similar with perky rear-lights. Stylish and aggressive front and rear bumpers become inseparable identity of this X4 vehicle. Interiors of this vehicle are likely to be pepped-up a bit more for an appealing cabin entry. Powerful AC to negate the outside temperature will ensure correct ambient cabin temperature for both, driver and passengers. This simply means a comfortable ride is always on while driving in this vehicle.

As rumours are, Concept X4 will have a wheelbase of 110.6 inch and its length will be around 183.0 inch. These dimensions are pretty close to what X3 boasts of. However, the all-new X4 may be few inches smaller than the X3 due to its sloping roof line. Notably, the height of the X3 is 65.4 inches. This also means that the trunk space may be compromised. Here, one can expect the boot space of around 500 litres in X4 as compared to 550-litres in X3 car model. All versions of X4 are more likely to come with BMW 'Efficient Dynamics' including stop-start systems, brake-energy recuperation and improved aerodynamics.

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Car Detail
Fuel Types
Rs. 45 lakh to Rs. 55 lakh
Body Type
2.0-litre Diesel and 3.0-litre Diesel
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