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About CarKhojo
To CarKhojo, India's most popular auto portal.
Hello and welcome to CarKhojo, a website that goes way beyond the boundaries of facts and figures in its exploration of the glamorous and exotic world of cars, providing complete freedom to the car-fanatics of India to watch, know and understand the deepest passion of their lives in much greater detail and from a wide variety of viewpoints. Stringing together a comprehensive set of pages, each of which presents a new window into the automotive universe, this auto-portal talks about every existing car-breed ranging from hatchbacks, which are the smallest and yet the smartest members of the automobile community, to the electrifying super cars, which reign over the fantasies of car-enthusiasts across the globe. A little about the past..
It was back in March 2012 when the foundation stone for CarKhojo was laid by a team of four individuals as an initiative towards providing quality information in a quality environment on one of the biggest assets that a person owns in his lifetime. An offspring of KS Infotech Pvt. Ltd., which is a subsidiary of country's leading IT Company, KS Infotech Software, CarKhojo today is a member of an extended family constituted by several other similar ventures including BikeDekho, PriceDekho, MobileDekho and more. Right from its very onset, this auto-portal has striven to serve the aspiring buyers, the proud owners, the die-hard fans and the dealers of cars across the nation in every possible way, always trying to be of assistance and support to them as they sought solutions to their many problems related to cars. What has kept us going and growing through all these years is the recognition that our efforts have received on the public platform. From time to time, awards and accolades have been bestowed upon this dedicated venture, inspiring us to do better every time. Starting from the prestigious 'Best Automotive Website of 2009', CarKhojo has been presented with various tokens of appreciation by a number of esteemed institutions, including the awards for the 'Best Car Website 2012', 'Most Popular Website 2012' and 'Website of the Year India' given twice in a row - in 2011 and 2012.
A little about the past..
While these popular recognitions have no doubt been a tremendous morale booster for the CarKhojo team, nothing could parallel the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction that was stimulated when the site's traffic meter crossed the staggering figure of 3 crore. As per the analytics data, CarKhojo served as many as 3.4 crore unique visitors over the first 4 years of its lifetime, which in itself is a record, however, what really made us feel confident about our approach and efforts was the towering figure of 2.5 crore visitors that the site crossed within the single year of 2012, nearly matching its traffic of the past 4 years. A little about the present..
After that short trip through all the major milestones that CarKhojo has passed by over all these years, let us have a look at where exactly the portal stands in the present day. And we start with the News section, which is easily the most happening segment of the website. Sensational spy pictures, thrilling scoops and exclusive event coverage on a regular basis - that's what the atmosphere is like here, leaving no activity unreported, no information unrevealed.
In conjunction with the News segment, the site offers a Reviews & Stories section as well. Composed of a wide streak of review categories, the segment enables the visitors to know their favorite rides in much better light, observing them from a number of different outlooks that range from those of automotive experts to those of the users who actually drive them every day. Apart from that, there are a whole lot of advisory stories, featured articles and guides made available here that are always there to add to the knowledge bank of car-lovers.
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